画像: In-line Filter DRY Series

In-line Filter DRY Series

Hydrophobic hollow fiber membranes provide excellent water removal capability.

  • Employing hollow fiber membrane with filtration accuracy of 0.01μm.
  • In addition to particulates and bacteria in the gas, water droplets can also be removed.
  • Autodrain specification can be selected. (DRY7、DRY10)
  • Low pressure loss ensures a high flow rate.
  • You can choose from various sizes and connections according to the conditions of use.
  • Only filter elements can be replaced.
  • Housing materials are light because of aluminum and polycarbonate.
  • If you have trouble with condensation in summer or winter, please try it out.

Protection of air drive equipment (solenoid valve, etc.) and prevention of foreign matter outflow.

Filtration of gas introduced into equipment (prevention of inflow of particulates and water droplets in piping) .

Filtration and eradication of purged air in the glove box.

Prevention of condensate water inflow into air for paint pressure-feeding.

Dust removal of air for transfer.

Filtration and eradication of air for various blows.

Clean air purge into the equipment.

Removal of water droplets (drains) at plant end plumbing.

画像: In-line Filter DRY Seriesの仕様
Flow Characteristics
画像: In-line Filter DRY Seriesの流量特性
External Dimensions
画像: In-line Filter DRY Seriesの外形寸法

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