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By application

  • Electronics

    We offer a high quality filter corresponding to the needs of the field of semiconductor and liquid crystal.We provide a clean filter excellent in chemical resistance.

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  • Chemical

    We provide a clean filter excellent in chemical resistance such as all teflon filter and all olefin filter

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  • Medical

    We offer a filter contributing to the fine environmental structure of the medical equipment production spot.

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  • Analytical instruments

    We offer a small hollow fiber membrane filter of low pressure loss by high performance.And we line up the small hollow fiber membrane air dryer which can dehumidify carrier gas.

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  • Food and Beverage

    We offer filter that remove bacteria and particle from compressed air such as the blow air.These contribute to the quality improvement of the product.

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  • Industry

    We offer the filter that contribute to clearing and drying compressed air.And we offer the filter which it can use for the reuse use of the cleaning solution and waste water

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