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Feature Benefit
High performance Hollow Fiber Membrane The excellent Particle Removal Efficiency. Long Service Life High Flow Rate and Low Pressure Drop
Compact Design Small Space instalation in Plants and equipments.
Hydrophobic Removal of the drain
IRF series is in-line filter of an easy hollow fiber to install. 
IRF series can make very clean air.
It can install easily in exiting piping.
Pipe connection Caliber Rc1/4
Operation Temperature 5℃to 50℃
Maximum Operation Pressure 1.0MPa
Fluid Air and Nitrogen
Filter area 1100c㎡
Pore size 0.01μm
Flow rate (at 0.3Mpa) 300L/min


Precision Measuring Instruments and Analitical Equipment,
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Printing/Painting Equipment
Medical/ Dental / Food Processing Equipment
Concrete Example
Foreign matter removing
 ・Foreign matter removal of compressor air
 ・Foreign matter removal of factory compress air piping
 ・Foreign matter removal of use point
 ・Foreign body removal in tube piping of transportation device suck pad
Removal of drop of water(drain)
 ・Drop of water removal of compressor air
Removal of bacteria in supply air
 ・Filter in piping of medical unit and dental unit
Protection of equipment
 ・Protection of instrument for analysis and precision instrument
Filtration of the gas for prodcut filling
 ・Filtration of the nitrogen gas for filling