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Feature Benefit
Compact Design Small space instalation in plants and equipments
Variety kinds of fitting Quick and convinient filter change One-touch tube connection type
Three type lineup Can choose by flow rate
Power sources not required Can use it in the explosion proof area
IAD series is in-line air dryer of an easy hollow fiber to install.
It can install easily in exiting piping.
These hollow fiber membrane can remove water molecules from nitrogen and oxygen molecules.
Water molecules permeate through the wall of hollow fiber membranes and exhausted outside the module.
Nitrogen and oxygen pass through inside of the fibers and caome out as by dry air.
It is possible to dehumidity it continuously by returning a part of dry air(purge air).
Pipe connection Caliber φ4、φ6 φ6、φ8 Rc3/8
Operation Temperature 5℃to 50℃ 5℃to 50℃ 5℃to 50℃
Maximum Operation Pressure 0.1~0.7MPa 0.1~0.7MPa 0.1~0.7MPa
Fluid Air and Nitrogen Air and Nitrogen Air and Nitrogen
Flow rate 1~30L/min 1~100L/min 1~200L/min


Precision Measuring Instruments                    
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment                    
Air Operation Equipment                    
Ozone Generators                    
Dental/Medical Equipment                    
Analysis Equipment
Concrete Exapmle
The moisture outflow prevent
 ・Dew condensation in piping by a differtence in temperature
 ・Clinging of fine particle by moisture
Moisture mixing prevention
 ・Analysis of the gas ingredient
 ・Oxygen concentrate machine and ozonizer
Dehumidification of specific space
 ・Diffused reflection and diffusion measures in laser device
 ・Prevention of counting moisture as a particle
 ・Explosion-proof environment
The longevity of the absorbent such as zeolite is extended