Feature Benefit
Precision Cleaning Product (All resin type) No elution of the metal ion and no problem of rust
Wide choice of nozzles forms The injection configuration of hope can be selected.(option)
Ergonomical design Easy to use
All resin Light Weight
Water gun is design for pure water spray, made up of all resin parts and doesn't use metal parts .
High chemical compatibility , less metalic elusion, and can be used for a long time.
Filter is not used, but several types of nozzles can be chosen.(two types are optional parts)
Product code WGN-1 WGN-2 WGN-3 HOSE-W-1
Product name Water Gun Water Gun with blade hose Water Gun with anti-bacterial growth function Coil hose
Operation Temperature 5℃to 40℃ 5℃to 30℃
Maximum Operation Pressure 0.4MPa 0.2MPa
Fluid Water only
Enclosed parts and Other Specifications Straight shower nozzle 1/pk  
  Blade hose and fitting
Hose specification= 8mm inner dia./
13.5mm outer dia./4m length
Applicable for 2.5m
    Tee for inner tube
Tube specification= 2mm inner dia./3mm outer dia./7.1m length
Fittings 1/4PT(2/pk) fot inlet and outlet


Production line on display
Semiconductor and various manufacturing
Pure water supply machine

Concrete Example
・Spray rince for wet benches and work processing stations
・Print boards
・Chemical and analytical equipment
・Spray rinse in medical service