English >  UNIPORE AIR GUN (ABS body type)


Features Benefits
0.01um Hollow fiber filter Clean air is obtained,High flow rate
Compact and light weight Easy to use
Oil free For clean room
Exchange filter type Eco-specification
All resin Light weight
UNIPORE AIR GUN is built-in hollow fiber filter cartridge into tip.
UNIPORE AIR GUN can make very clean air, it is used in various places where particle is disliked.
UNIPORE AIR GUN is made by resin.
It is different from a metallic gun, it is light weight and oil free.
Fluid Compressed air, Nitrogen
Operation Tempreture 5℃~50℃
Maximum Operation Pressure 0.4MPa
Filter area 80c㎡
Particle Retention 0.01um
Body ABS
Trigger Polypropylene
Nozzle Polyamide
Filter case Polyarylate
Filter media Polypropylene
Plug Polyamide
O-ring Fluoro Rubber
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About hollow fiber filter membrane
The hollow fiber membrane produced by Kitz Micro Filter is made by Polypropylene.
There is innumerable microporosity in the surface of the hollow fiber and thickness direction.
This microporosity removes small particles and Bacteria of fluid.



・Compressed air and Nitrogen
・Rinsing equipment and Print board
・Precision machinery, Micro electric parts

Concrete Example
Air blow workspace
・As a air blow tool in the fume hood
 ・Blow the waterdrop off on  glass after wash work
 ・Blow the waterdrop off on container after wash work in wash place

Removal of particle
 ・Cleaning of machine
 ・Cleaning of print writing board