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OSS-T7 is a counter top type water purifier that is capable of high volume water filtering at 5.0 liters per minute.
This counter top type can be easily attached to each household water tap.
The four-layer filter material consisting of a pre filter, granular activated carbon, activated charcoal block,
 and a hollow fiber membrane show the following performance,
  1) Pre filter: Remove rust and garbage
  2) Antibacterial granular activated carbon: Remove residual chlorine and moldy smell
  3) Fibrous activated carbon: Remove dissolublitiy lead
  4) Hollow fiber membrane: Remove turbidity and bacteria

OSS-T7 can achive high performance, partially eliminating 13 substances* plus 2 substances (Particulate Iron and Neutral Aluminium**).
There are three type mode.(water purifier, tap water, top water shower)

*Based on results of JIS S3201(Japan Industrial Standards) testing
** Confirmed materials by test method of the standard