Available water Unusable water
Tap water, ground water, well water Water in valleys, rivers, lakes and marshes where fish can NOT live
Water in valleys, rivers, lakes and marshes where fish can live Domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, water from rivers and lakes contaminated with pesticides and herbicides
Water stored in poly tank, bath water without bath additive , water in toilet tank Water from rivers and lakes contaminated with poisons, organic solvents, and harmful metals.
Pool water, snowmelt, rainwater, etc Salt water, water containing viruses and other harmful substances
Easy handling & High performance!
Compact size portable water purifier!

compact and portable"Super Delios" has the capability of purifying water of 100 bottles of 2L water in PET bottle.
It is suitable for the various use such as drinking ,daily life, injurie cleaning etc.

Provide excellent oerformance in the following sences
・Emergency such as disaster 
useful for securing drinking water and cleaning wounds during disaster.
Completely remove over 0.1μm size of harmful bacteria, Protozoa and floating organic substance in the river.
・Overseas travel/business trip
In the case you are worried about drinking local tap water.


●Instructions for use

1.Pour raw water into the container


※in this case, the raw water contains red rust


2.Connect the filter to the container


3.Press the container by hand to ensure clean water