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Contributing to a Sustainable Future with Environmental Solutions

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Since Kitz Micro Filter's inception, we have pursued the enhancement of our core technology – the hollow fiber membrane. Our suite of applications, built around this technology, ensures the delivery of safe and reliable drinking water to our customers. Simultaneously, it addresses the separation and purification needs inherent in cutting-edge industries. Furthermore, by harnessing the immense potential of our hollow fiber membrane technology, we are committed to developing techniques and products, such as CO2 capture and segregation, that contribute to the fight against global warming.
Leveraging our foundational technology and expertise in application development, we aspire to redefine Kitz Micro Filter as an Environmental Solutions Company, providing solutions to contemporary societal challenges.

Yoriyuki Koyama,
President and CEO


Head office5125 Kanazawa, Chino-shi, Nagano, 391-8566 Japan
EstablishmentApril 1, 2004
Capital90 million yen
Fiscal-year endedDecember 31
ShareholderKITZ Corporation(100%)
Employees172(as of December 2022)
ActivitiesManufacturing and sales of water purifier
Manufacturing and sales of Industrial filter
(Semiconductor・LCD, Medical and Gas and Compress air applications)
Net sales3,428 million yen
CertificationISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001


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