画像: In-line Filter KUB Series

In-line Filter KUB Series

A hollow fiber membrane with a filtration accuracy of 0.003μm removes particulates and bacteria in the gas

  • Employing hollow fiber membrane with filtration accuracy of 0.003μm.
  • Low dead space means high flow rate, long life, and low pressure loss.
  • Compact shape for space saving.
  • 1/4 tube connection specification for easy installation and replacement.
  • It can be easily placed in the use point.
  • Light weight due to all resin.

Filtration of circulating air in the cell culture chamber.

Disinfecting air supply to the animal cage.

Filtration and eradication of purged air in the glove box.

Prevention of the inflow of filtered water droplets in the supply of precision equipment (such as laser therapy equipment) .

Eradication of exhaust air from breath analyzer (prevention of nosocomial infection) .

Clean Air Purge into the Medical Device Archive.

Zero point correction for particle counter.

Symbol Configuration
画像: In-line Filter KUB Seriesの製品記号構成
画像: In-line Filter KUB Seriesの仕様
Flow Characteristics
画像: In-line Filter KUB Seriesの流量特性
External Dimensions
画像: In-line Filter KUB Seriesの外形寸法

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