Water PurifierHome-use OASICS OSS-T7

Home-use OASICS OSS-T7

Easy attachment! High water purification capacity on a counter

Set content

Set content

Cartridge OSSC-7
Switching cock (including adaptors)
Twin hose
One-touch coupler
Instruction Manual


High-performance filtration system to remove 17+2 substances!

Removal of all 17 substances specified in the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS S 3201 and JIS S 3201 Appendix A) and all 2 substances specified in the Standards for Japan Water Purifier Associations, leaving the minerals that serve as the source of tasty water.

Economically with large-volume cartridges

Large-volume cartridges available for 30L use per day.
Furthermore, it is economical because it requires a troublesome exchange only once a year.

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