Water PurifierHome-use OASICS OSS-ES


Using the e-lever, cut useless hot water naturally and operate the proper amount of water.

Undersink II type water purifier



e lever : Cut useless hot water with Liver

More comfortable with NSF showering!

Two types of fine showering hole diameters made it easier to drop the washings and the hand tentacles were less common.

A high-performance filtration system that removes 17 substances!

Removal of all 17 substances specified in the “Quality Labeling Law for Household Products” is carried out while leaving the minerals that cause the taste of the water.

Economically with large-volume cartridges that can be used to a large extent !

20L (OSSC-4) ~ 30L (OSSC-7) per day for usable large-volume cartridges.
Furthermore, it is economical because it requires a troublesome exchange once a year.

Under-sink II type for easy filter replacement

Product composition

Contains water purifier body, mixing faucet, hose and other connecting parts.

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