Water PurifierHome-use OASICS OAS-9

Home-use OASICS OAS-9

Compact “direct pressure type” household water purifier

Undersink type I water purifier



  • Professional Direct Pressured Type (direct pressure)

    The large flow rate and low cost and easy to use with compact size at home.

  • Simple removal performance

    Residual chlorine, trihalomethane, red rust, etc.are removed by squeezing to the basic water purification capacity. You can use a lot of 30 liters each day.

    Excellent responsiveness

    It can be used for cooking without stress.
    There is no concern for a phenomenon specific to type II household water purifiers (dropping out when stopping water) .

    Maximum flow rate of 5 liters per minute

    Achieving a large flow rate in a direct pressure water purifier.
    You can use it comfortably that you can’t think it comes with a water purifier.

Undersink type I with simple piping

How to change a cartridge

Examples of use

When using under-sink

The first cartridge of the body set is OASC-9.

When using on a table

Cartridges in the set items become OASC-9.

Product composition


Mixed faucet (grey part) is not included in the product.


Product codeHome-use OASICS OAS-9
Body mass (full water)1.5kg(2.7kg)
Normal working pressure0.10〜0.60MPa
Minimum hydrodynamic pressure that can be used0.07MPa
[ Certification body : Japan Water Works Association (Certification number : W-2) ]

Replacement Cartridges

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